From Shampoo to Shoes, the Sexes Don’t Agree

(NC)-Is it reasonable to own five pairs of black shoes? Men say ‘No’, women say ‘Absolutely’. This is just one fact revealed in the AERO Guys Just Don’t Get It Survey, a national poll exploring the quirky differences between Canadian men and women.

Without a doubt, women like to keep their style options open: 37 per cent said owning five pairs of black shoes is perfectly reasonable. A mere 15 per cent of men agreed.

“There are five pairs of black shoes under my desk right now. High heel, suede, flat, patent – I like variety,” laughed Stephanie White, a Toronto-based Art Director. “As for my husband Jason, I don’t think he even owns five pairs of shoes.”

When it comes to packing for a weekend getaway, the survey showed the vast majority of women (82 per cent) would pack three or more outfits – with 18 per cent packing five or more. In contrast, half of all men surveyed pack two or fewer outfits.

Women love grooming products

A third of all women surveyed felt using four or more products to wash and style their hair is reasonable. However, only one in 10 men agreed.
“I have a drawer full of balms, mousses, gels and sprays, and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” acknowledges Stephanie. “Jason thinks hair care means a number two razor at the barber shop.”

The poll also revealed women prefer to take their time in the personal care aisle at the drug store: 81 per cent spend five or more minutes shopping there, with one in five saying ‘I just love it there.’ Men tend to grab and go, with two-thirds shopping for thirty seconds or less – and 11 per cent spending zero time in that section of the store.

“We commissioned the survey to gently poke fun at the age-long differences between men and women,” commented Kate Beresford, Marketing Manager, AERO. “The results have led to some interesting conversations with my husband, that’s for sure.”