Call Them Zoomers!

They were the hip and informal generation that didn’t want to be addressed traditionally as “Mr.” or “Mrs.” when they became adults because “that’s my father or that’s my mother, that’s not me, they’d protest. Now closing in on the age of 60, Baby Boomers who think of themselves as forever young, are again challenging the vernacular: this time taking on the word “senior.” If you want to sell a…

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Elder Care

Supportive Housing For Seniors Glossary

Abbeyfield is a type of shared supportive housing based on a model developed in Great Britain, that has been adapted in British Columbia and other parts of Canada. Usually residents have a private room, perhaps their own bathroom, but other living spaces are shared with 10 to 12 other residents. A housekeeper usually provides meals, cleaning and other support. The term group home is also used to describe this type of…

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Vicarious Retirement Living Takes Planning

The traditional image of Canadian retirees living relatively sedentary lives in small retirement communities across North America is quickly being replaced by adrenaline seeking fifty and sixty something’s marching through foreign streets with sleek designer bags and wallets stuffed thick with plastic. This is the new retirement reality. Unlike their parents’ generation, today’s boomers are much more transient, moving frequently between careers and leisure activities in search of self-fulfillment. Yet,…

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