Now that you are retiring or leaving regular work, what is most important to you? Is It your health, your money, your friends and family?

Perhaps it’s taking those special trips or devoting time to your hobbies and interests. You might need a guide to investments, job hunting or even a new business venture. In this section, we’ll provide some information on making the most of your retirement years, after all, you’ve worked hard to get here and the best is yet to come!

There is no shortage of retirement information out there and we’ll be adding to this section regularly to assist you with your planning and keep you informed of important trends that will affect your retirement.

Think positive about the power you now have, possibly for the first time, to shape your life exactly the way you want it.

When it comes to retirement, some people reach their goals by following a detailed and purposeful plan that includes ongoing review and consultation with a financial planner. Others take a more informal approach and hope that everything turns out “as it should”. At mySeniorSite, we carefully select articles written by professionals so that you are getting the best information possible. As always, we welcome your feedback¬†and suggestions on topics of value to our viewers.